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New Year's Eve

What you need to know about celebrating New Year's Eve including how many people can gather at home or outdoors, and arrangements for Sydney's fireworks.


Celebrations in Sydney

Frontline workers

Vantage points around the Harbour are being reserved for frontline workers this New Year’s Eve to say thank you for keeping the community safe throughout the year.

General public

Information for the general public about arrangements for celebrating New Year's Eve 2020 around Circular Quay, North Sydney and the city.

Residents in the restricted zones

If you live around the Sydney Harbour or North Sydney, you may be impacted by road closures and you may require a New Year's Eve Pass to enter the area.

New Year’s Eve Pass registration for business

Register your business for a New Year’s Eve Pass so your customers and staff can enter the Green Zone.

Boat owners and Commercial Charter Vessels

Information for general boat owners and Commercial Charter Vessel operators about arrangements and restrictions on entering Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve 2020.

Public transport and road closures

Information about public transport and road closures for celebrating New Year's Eve 2020 around Circular Quay, North Sydney and Sydney CBD.

Map of the Green and Yellow Zones

Designated zones will be established for Circular Quay, North Sydney and the city.

A designated Green Zone will be established for Circular Quay and at key public vantage points in North Sydney. This means only residents who live inside the zone, their guests, and those with confirmed bookings at venues such as restaurants, hotels or bars within the area will be allowed in.

A designated Yellow Zone will also be established around the Green Zone and people looking to gather in this area in large numbers may be subject to move-on Police powers.

Celebrating the end of 2020

Stay home, stay local, stay safe.

To keep everyone in NSW safe, New Year’s Eve celebration arrangements will be different this year.

Whether you are planning a celebration at home or in your local community, remember to ensure the safety of your family and friends.

Be aware of the number of people allowed in your home, maintain safe hygiene practices and use QR codes to check in if you are going out to a restaurant, pub or bar. 

Câu lạc bộ bài thiêng vàngFor residents of (and visitors to) the Greater Sydney area, a number of changes to the New Year’s Eve fireworks display at Sydney Harbour will be in place. 

Your questions answered

Câu lạc bộ bài thiêng vàngThis New Year’s Eve will be different as we celebrate in a COVID safe way. There will be no 9pm fireworks, no activities around the Harbour, instead there will be one short midnight fireworks display from the Bridge.

Our message is for everyone to book ahead, celebrate locally or from home.

Up to 50 people can visit a residence, however NSW Health strongly recommends having no more than 30 visitors at a time if the residence has no outdoor area. The total number of visitors includes adults and children. A member of the household is not counted as a visitor.

Up to 50 people can participate in an outdoor public gathering.

Câu lạc bộ bài thiêng vàngThere will be one 7-minute display at midnight which will be broadcast on the ABC.

To ensure public safety, designated zones around Circular Quay, North Sydney and the city will be implemented to reduce large numbers of people gathering in an unsafe way.

People attempting to enter the Green Zone around Circular Quay without a New Year’s Eve Pass will be refused entry and turned away. People entering the Yellow Zone who are gathering on the street may be moved on by Police.

Câu lạc bộ bài thiêng vàngIf you plan on entering the Green Zone after 5pm on Thursday 31 December, you will need a New Year’s Eve pass. That includes those with confirmed bookings at venues such as restaurants, hotels or bars inside the area, as well as residents who live inside the zone and their guests. All staff and suppliers operating in the Green Zone will also need a pass.

Residents, guests of residents, staff and people with confirmed bookings within the Green Zone will need to apply for their NYE Pass through this website. You will be able to apply for a pass from Monday 7 December.

The restriction zones will be implemented from 5pm on Thursday 31 December.

The Green Zone around Circular Quay will be physically fenced off. There will be multiple entry points that will be staffed by NSW Police and Security who will be checking and scanning New Year’s Eve Passes before allowing entry.

North Sydney’s usual vantage points including; Bradfield Park, Blues Point Reserve, Mary Booth Reserve, Quibaree Park, Kurraba Reserve and Cremorne Reserve will not be open to residents or the public.

Câu lạc bộ bài thiêng vàngThe NSW Government will continue to work with the North Sydney Council should they wish to host their own ticketed events at any of these vantage point locations.

Câu lạc bộ bài thiêng vàngCouncils around Sydney and the State are free to make their own arrangements, as long as they comply with the public health orders.

Police have a large presence around the city every New Year’s Eve, this year will be no different. Large numbers of police in uniform and plain clothes will be out in force this year patrolling the CBD and foreshore areas of Sydney providing a highly visible and mobile policing response.

As with every New Year’s Eve, recreational boats are welcome on the Harbour. Boat operators will need to ensure they follow all maritime laws and familiarise themselves with the New Year’s Eve restricted areas and exclusion zones.

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Last updated: 1 December 2020

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